A little while ago I wrote about habits and why they work harder for us than resolutions. Let’s not forget there is something positive in the intention that is driving us forward. This is such an important life force, but it’s also about how we help ourselves along the way and subtly arrange details around us to support the formation of a new habit. Look at the items in your home; everything has a certain feeling or a character and can help you create the atmosphere you want for a new, fresh start.

In our home, cooking is very important to us and therefore I focus on the details in the kitchen. I’ve always had a dream of a kitchen with a long, rustic wooden table, where we could gather friends and family. However as our kitchen is small, without the space for a large table, I’ve managed to find a smaller table that fits in our home. Smaller scale but same kind of feeling.

What we focus on grows
One of the habits I will practice going forward, not limited to just 2017, is to be more mindfully present in my body and mind so I can see things more clearly, but also enjoy life more. I realise it’s more than a habit, routine or ritual, it’s more of a way of living.

The connection to all senses is something that I’ve learned, and got a taste for, from yoga and meditation. We tend to be very reliant on our sight and everything is extremely visual nowadays, but there’s something very exciting about plugging in and using your other senses too. Scents that lure your imagination or freshen the air you breath into your lungs, materials you use in your home and keep close to your body, colourful food that inspires the eye as well as stills the hunger, or a sound absorbing bedroom for a good night sleep. All these things can improve our well-being and help us focus on what we’re doing in that present moment.

Here are a couple of very simple ideas, a flavour to a home that helps you create healthy habits. How we organise and prioritise the things that we do every day or wish we did more of.

Making your bed in the morning, to ensure that it’s enjoyable to go to bed at night (and it doesn’t have to be perfect).

A selection of the books you’re reading with a notebook next to them for writing down thoughts and ideas that the books give life to.

Water carafe with a glass next to your bedside table so you remember to drink if enough.

What have you found works for you when forming new habits? What small adjustments did you make to allow for them to move into your life?

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