A Swedish minimalist bike, BIKEID. Step through 7

ad – this is written in collaboration with BIKEID, all photography, words and thoughts are my own. Images in mood board are from BIKEID A friend once said to me that I needed a bike to suit my home interiors style, which my english bike could not be more different. A dark brown lady shopper bike with green flowers, broken mud guards, clunky gears and broken basket. Ha, that’s totally representative of how I was feeling last year! Knackered. So after 9 years I finally decided it was time for an upgrade. Yes, the minimalist in me had to wait 9 years until I can justify a new bike. My rusty, rattling english shopper bike will still be in use as a spare for guests. Now that I truly understand the necessity and joy of riding a bike around Copenhagen daily, I knew it was time to upgrade. Plus I heard the crazy rumour that a new bike will be easier to ride than and rusty old one. huh who would have thought…. As for style, I knew that my new bike needed to be clean and simple. Fit for purpose, good quality, made to last and nothing flashy. Basically […]

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